1. To find maximum out of 4 values without using relational operators
2. To swap two values without using 3rd variable
3. To use printf( ) without using semicolon ( ; )
4. To swap two values without using 3rd variable (bitwise version)
5. Blank program file
6. What would happen if we call destroy( ) form init( ) in a java servlet ?
7. atexit( ) function in c and c++
8. Difference between malloc( ) and calloc( )
9. Program to display contents of more than two files using SequenceInputStream.
10. Program to display a resizable icon on a JLabel.
11. LayeredPane Demo Program
12. JFileChooser Demo Program
13. Program to display text in different styles using JTextPane.
14. Program to read and display data from an Excel Sheet.
15. How to upload a file in database using Servlets.
16. Write a Java Program to solve the 8 Queen problem.
17. Write c++ program to check expression is valid or not.
18. Acronyms in AWS